Is it true that if we want to save Hinduism, then we need to vote for BJP?

NEW DELHI Jan 10:  First of all, No one can destroy the Hinduism, It is a Sanatan dharm which itself means Eternal.

Existing since 12,000 years and more and still getting practiced widely over all the world.

Having said that, Hinduism is not in danger but the people of this religion and their rights are in danger, and BJP is only political party who looks for their rights and is against of Anti-Hindu propaganda of congress. So congress and BJP holds biggest rivalries.

Because congress dont have guts to speak in the favor of Shri Ram mandir in Ayodhya because their higher vote bank is from Muslim community.

Modi is only politician who discussed about Ram mandir recently, I dont know he did it for vote bank or not, but he has guts to speak such topics openly. And that is why he is getting hated Mostly by congress and kattar muslim community.

Modi’s every step is called communal, even his Swachata Abhiyan too.

Congress and other parties are willing to pass the PCTV bill, this Bill is like Sharia law of ISIS, if it becomes a law, Hindus will get butchered on streets , temples will be demolished and the same will happen in every state what happened with pandits in Kashmir.

Modi is only man who stopped this Bill.

Hinduism is wide and open, so these hypocrite goons makes fun of Hindu festivals and culture openly.hat pig Akbaruddin Owaisi openly giving challenges to kill all Hindus in 15 minutes, just imagine what would these goons do if congress continued their pseudo secular govt in India for the sake of votes from Muslims.

Modi is not against muslims or any other religion. Modi is just serving India by the way our ancient Hindu kings used to rule, They gave their blood to build the empire of Aryavarta(Bharat). Modi is proud of his culture, this makes him Anti-Muslim??

This is the Bharat of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap and all divine saints, This is the Devbhoomi where Shri Ram and Shri Krishna ruled.

This is not India of mughal sultans or british rulers whose only dream was to invade Hindu culture and loot its wealth. This is what congressi pseudo secular are doing nowadays.

BJP is just avoiding our Bharat to go in hands of these Hypocrite seculars.

There are muslims who supports BJP.EOM


M K Vidyaranya

M K Vidyaranya

Senior Journalist, Executive Editor at Media World , worked as the Chief of Bureau of the Press Trust of India (PTI) national news agency’s Karnataka Unit also worked as a Senior Journalist in Vijay Times (now defunct) , Karnataka’s second largest circulated English daily.(Times of India group). My father late M R Krishnamurthy who died at the age of 81 (20 years ago) was a Freedom Fighter and Journalist who had worked for Indian Express, Kannada Prabha, Viswakarnataka, Tainadu, Janavani and other news papers. I was also editing few evening English newspapers, weeklies and fortnightlies. besides running the FAXNEWS News agency.

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