Apathy of authorities


Owing to the apathy and negligence of officials who are supposed to take up development works, the residents of RMNH Staff Quarters in Siddharthanagar  in Mysore   are facing inconvenience    by the terribly damaged roads and lack of adequate lighting in front of the colony. During nights the residents are under the grip of fear caused by anti-social elements and stray dogs.

As the construction of the new DC Office in the same vicinity, and
repeated digging up and patching of the road, there are deep potholes
and irregular bumps all over it, with loose stones lying about, that
pose a high risk of causing tyre- punctures and accidents… even more
so because post- evening there isn’t even one proper streetlight to
illuminate that very stretch of road, which makes commuting all the
more risky for motorists as well as pedestrians. Moreover, the
surroundings are very unsafe for women and children.

I wish to bring the plight of our residents to the notice of officials through the columns of your publication. We feel that it  once it comes
to the notice of concerned authorities, and the matter can be resolved
as soon as possible.

Thanking you

Yuktimmana Bandopadhyay


SSN Sastry

SSN Sastry

Senior journalist having worked with leading and English dailies and magazines as Sub Editor, Senior Sub Editor and edition in-charge and Senior/Chief Reporter and Special Correspondent.

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