September is newborn screening awareness month

Bangalore:  Trivitron Healthcare, the largest and most trusted medical technology company of Indian origin has launched new campaign #Protectyourbaby to bring awareness about Newborn Screening in India. Trivitron has launched a newborn screening programme with a platform that tests for inborn errors of metabolism to prevent from lifelong damage, disability ranging from mental retardation to physical disability.


Mr. Nitin Sawant, General Manager at Trivitron Healthcare said, “It is unfortunate that in India, out of 26 million babies born every year, only about 2 per cent receive neonatal screening. This year, Trivitron healthcare is focusing on women and child healthcare diagnosis.  Newborn screening is a crucial for babies.  As September is a Newborn screening awareness month, we have launched a campaign #protectyourbaby and we hope with this, there is more awareness and Newborn screening is made mandatory in India.”


The campaign largely focuses on the importance and the urge to make Newborn screening mandatory in India. While this essential service is provided mandatorily to all new born children in the developed world, India sees a dismally low rate in new born screening, thus exposing our future generation to serious health disorders affecting our society and economy.


#Protectyourbaby is launched on all social media channels of Trivitron and BTL activities such as mailers, promotions, awareness Standee, awareness cards are taking place to gather the required awareness about Newborn Screening.


SSN Sastry

SSN Sastry

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